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MY.SIZE is a condom size concept in seven sizes for men that do not want to buy „one size fits all“. As soon as the condom really fits you, the quality of love changes noticeably! MY.SIZE is on the market since 2008 and has been established far beyond Europe. It is recommended for safe and enjoyable sex in every sex shop, online businesses and increasingly in pharmacies. FEEL pleasure - with security! ...

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With VITALIS, our portfolio of premium condoms for variation and variety has been established almost worldwide. Here, too, the individual preference is linked to the demand for the highest quality - whether with nubs, luminaire effect, special stimulation or oversized: With VITALIS, every man is well positioned for playful pleasure!

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ON condoms offer a quality that is in no way inferior to its big brothers and at the same time can be better positioned in the market through slimmer product lines and marketing strategies. This caters to the needs of our younger target group very well, who also find narrower condoms next to the tried and tested playing styles. Our goal is: every man should be in a good position - no matter where he is in life! GET IT ON.

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